Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. We have 200+ active English tutors speaking a variety of languages, including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Russian, Oriya, Igbo, and more, in order to enable students to learn English with tutors who can speak their native languages.

English Tutor

  • Responsibility: tutor a client (refugee/immigrant) English once or twice a week (depending on availability)
  • Commitment: 1~2 hours per week

Resources: CLAIR Curriculum (200+ ESL PDF lessons)

CLAIR Ambassador:

  • Responsibility: contact and promote Project CLAIR service to local immigrant/refugee centers and communities
  • Commitment: 1~3 hours per week

INCENTIVES:Volunteer hours & certificates / Awards to best-performing officers
Fill out the application form to join our team and contact us at info@projectclair.org if you have any questions.