Project CLAIR

Project CLAIR is an online language tutoring platform that offers one-on-one tutoring sessions at free of cost for refugees and immigrants. Our main goal is to help them overcome language barriers and build a strong linguistic foundation as they settle in new regions. No matter where you are from and no matter what your background is, we welcome everyone seeking this service.

In valuing solidarity, hope, and compassion, our team sincerely seeks to provide better lives for refugees and immigrants to the best of our ability. We realize that language, a quintessential component of societal life, is one of the greatest challenges refugees face in the resettlement process. We would like to be a stepping stone to the future for them by providing our free language tutoring service and promoting community and social inclusiveness.

Language is a quintessential component of social life. Yet, it can serve as a barrier and one of the greatest challenges for refugees and immigrants settling into new environments. In order to address this issue, Project CLAIR strives to help refugees and immigrants gain access to a free language education service that can be accessed before and after they immigrate. With over 200 volunteers who speak English, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Igbo, and more, and with the personalized CLAIR Curriculum, Project CLAIR helps refugees and immigrants build a strong linguistic foundation for a better life in a new environment.