Co-operative Language Assistance for Immigrants & Refugees

Official Government Registered Non-Profit Organization: Registration no. 123-82-80924


Project CLAIR is an online language tutoring platform that offers one-on-one tutoring sessions at free of cost for refugees and immigrants. Our main goal is to help them overcome language barriers and build a strong linguistic foundation as they settle in new regions. No matter where you are from and no matter what your background is, we welcome everyone seeking this service.

In valuing solidarity, hope, and compassion, our team sincerely seeks to provide better lives for refugees and immigrants to the best of our ability. We realize that language, a quintessential component of social life, is one of the greatest challenges refugees face in the resettlement process. 

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By signing up for our class, you can learn any basic language skills you need, such as adapting to schools, conversing with neighbors, and practicing for job interviews, through professional CLAIR Curriculum at free of cost. With our friendly, dedicated, and skillful tutors, you will enjoy yourself while you learn.


Volunteering for Project CLAIR means being a tutor who is responsible for teaching one student at a time with flexible working hours. 

With CLAIR Curriculum, volunteers teach basic conversational skills and explain necessary language concepts.


Connecting refugees and immigrants from your center to our service allows them to get personalized, accessible language education online. Through CLAIR Tutor Matching Service (TMS), we provide each student with the best-matching tutor based on his or her language ability and circumstance. 

Breaking the Barriers t0 Communication

Our main goal is to help refugees and immigrants overcome language barriers and build strong linguistic foundations


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